Blue Flower


Articles of Affirmation


[A] We state that it is universally recognized and understood by historical and contemporary authorities that a legitimate, established line of recorded traditional karate ancestry is the basis of an authentic martial art school and an instructor’s capacity.

[B] We state that traditionally and historically the authority to establish, evaluate, promote and create rank rests in the hands of those acknowledged by their seniors and superiors. Those same superiors have been likewise previously recognized by their own Masters and, in more recent times, by various governing bodies such as federations, associations and /or organizations.

[C] Therefore, we assert the right and privilege by virtue of our given heritage, in and among the various martial art communities, is that the Hwarang Dans [Black Belts] of this school may give and provide, or recognize and promote, with due cause, any participating student or member based upon the common agreement of a majority of governing members to new and advanced rank and/or disavow any discredited member.

[D] Consequently, we hereby state and confirm, without reservation, that this Lake House Martial Art School of Tang Soo Do, is, and has the right to be, free and independent, and that we, as members, are absolved from all allegiance to any former martial art organization, association or federation, and that all political connection between them and this martial art facility is, and ought to be, completely dissolved. We conclude that as a free and independent school of the traditional martial arts, we have full power and authority to conduct any business of training, curriculum, rank or promotions, as well as any other activities which any free and independent school and facility can and ordinarily does without interference, from outside or unrelated and intrusive controlling agents.