Blue Flower


Our Faculty of Black Belts & Master Instructors with
the oak and ash wood staffs used for sparring   and advanced training techniques.

Our faculty and staff of assistant instructors, Senior Instructors and  Masters Instructors, have extensive years of experience and training in the traditional martial arts as well as being respected professionals outside the school in and among the fields of business, science, construction, computers and education. 

The Director and his most senior instructors are Certified Teachers by the State of Florida, and this team of individuals brings a uniquely qualified range of skills and abilities to each class of students and to every individual so that the life-time lessons of karate make real and authentic sense to our students.

Frank Trojanowicz, #13333

International Senior Master, 8TH Dan

Technical Advisor/Management Consultant

Scranton, Pennsylvania

G. Morgan Becker, #19491

Director/Master Instructor,  6TH Dan

1989 World Tang Soo Do Association International Instructor of the Year

The Dragon’s Breath Author & Publisher

OH DAN— 5TH Degree Master Instructors

Joan Therese Becker, #23127

Coordinator of Student Affairs

1988 World Champion W.T.S.D.A –Philadelphia, PA

The Tiger’s Trail Author & Editor

Joe Cimador, LH9502

Joe Souza, LH0127

SAH DANS—4TH Degree Master Instructors

Sharon LeCroy, LH9301

Bob Benedini, LH9606

Neil Postlethwait, LH0328

Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Senior Instructor

Chris Fern, Consociate Instructor,  LH9815 USN

Ashley Souza, LH0435

SAM DANS—3RD Degree Black Belts

Stephen Coss, Senior Instructor, LH0948

E DANS—2ND Degree Black Belts

Gary Gosselin, Consociate Instructor,  LH9921 USN

David Roth, Class Instructor, LH0846

Jan Paul Petersen, Assistant Instructor, LH1151

CHO DAN—1ST Degree Black Belt

Justin Snyder, Assistant Instructor, LH1252

Dee Parrino, Assistant Instructor, LH1353




Historical picture of legendary International
Instructor Frank Trojanowicz, our Technical Director



Senior Group of Black Belts and Master instructors.



Our Black Belts and Master Instructors.



Instructors standing in unity after practicing self-defense.